• Food Safety Culture - Part 1 of 6: How to get Buy-In, Develop Metrics, and Properly Implement

    Sponsored by: the IAFP Foundation

    Organized by: the Food Safety Culture PDG

    This the first in a series of six webinars organized by the Food Safety Culture PDG.

    Building a culture of food safety is important, but how do you do it? In this webinar, attendees will go through a three-part process corresponding to essential, practical measures for developing a culture of food safety: leveraging leadership support, identifying learning needs and corresponding metrics, and strategic roll-out of effective programs.

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    Professional Development Groups

    • Food Safety Culture Professional Development Group


    • Lone Jespersen, Moderator Cultivate, Switzerland
    • Austin Welch, Presenter Sage Media, Colorado, USA
    • Neil Coole, Presenter BSI, Virginia, USA
    • Richard Fleming, Presenter¬† Sage Media, Colorado, USA
    • Megan Kenjora, Presenter The Hershey Company, Pennsylvania, USA