• Food Safety Culture - Part 6 of 6: Dynamic Leadership by Supervisors = Strong Organizational Cultures

    This is the sixth out of a six part series organized by the Food Safety Culture PDG

    Spending the time in leadership development of your supervisors and management team translates to a stronger culture and proven return in that investment to your organization. Against the current backdrop of the current COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever leaders and emerging leaders must tap into skills of adaptability, managing vs. leading, building and maintaining trust and increased engagement to successfully navigate these new challenges. Hear directly from industry leaders sharing their approaches to investing in their leaders to affect positive cultural change and bring added value to their organization.

    Professional Development Groups

    • Food Safety Culture Professional Development Group


    • Lone Jespersen, Moderator Cultivate, Switzerland
    • Laura Nelson, Presenter Alchemy Systems, Texas, USA
    • Kent Summers, Presenter Daily's Premium Meats, Missouri, USA
    • Kristin Kastraup, Presenter Alchemy Systems, Texas, USA