• Hygienic Sampling: Practical Considerations for the Food Industry

    Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation and Food Safety Microbiology Hygiene

    When one refers to sampling, there are either guidelines providing the statistical representation of the unit sampled vs. the global batch, or consideration for the proper analytical method to be done, its validation and verification process.

    The sample itself is not considered in the process: Who takes the sample? Where along the production process (equipment) is it taken? When during the production shift? How is it done practically?

    Considering the present committee ISO TC34 / SC9 on microbiology: out of the 78 published and 25 under development standards, only one, ISO18593:2018 – “Horizontal methods for surface sampling” provides practical guidelines.

    Most of the QA/QC operations receive samples from the factory and operational teams. They base crucial decisions upon the results. How can we be sure that the putative analytical bias does not come from the sample itself?

    The present webinar will address those points and open discussion, how can we focus more on those practical considerations?

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    • François Bourdichon, Speaker & Moderator Food Safety Microbiology Hygiene, France
    • Roy Betts, Speaker Campden BRI, UK
    • Anne Bigalke, Speaker QualiTru, Norway