• What Do I Need to Know Before Submitting Samples for Microbiological Testing?

    Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation

    Food manufacturers, importers and consignees, retail establishments, and other food institutions often rely on third party private laboratories to test finished food, ingredients, in-process materials and/or pathogen and indicator environmental samples.  Samples are submitted for testing for various reasons – compliance with FSMA regulations, USDA-FSIS mandate, or as a requirement for domestic and international trade.  Test results can aid in the verification of the safety of a food product, in the establishment and monitoring of a product’s shelf-stability, and in the verification of the sanitary condition of the post-process production environment.  Every food establishment and food-related entity that is involved in microbiological food testing would need to become familiar with the critical food attributes and sampling techniques than can impact the validity and accuracy of testing results.  This webinar will help food industry professionals gain knowledge on important considerations prior to the submission of test samples for microbial analyses.

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    • Rocelle Clavero, Speaker Grab Food Safety Consulting LLC
    • Nancy Thiex, Speaker Thiex Laboratory Solutions LLC