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July 2008
Vol.2, No. 7

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As part of our ongoing efforts to respond in a timely manner to urgent issues in food safety, we are pleased to announce the organization of an IAFP "Late Breaking Session—Are Safe Tomatoes Out of Reach?"

Convened by Gary Acuff and Alejandro Castillo, this special session addressing the recent outbreak of Salmonella Saintpaul in tomatoes will be held 8:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 6, at IAFP 2008 in Columbus. Featured speakers from the US and Mexico will share the investigation details, research perspectives, and economic repercussions of what may be the largest produce-related outbreak in history. The session will conclude with a roundtable discussion.

IAFP Updates

Recipients Announced for IAFP 2008 Awards

Please join us in congratulating the individuals and organizations whose dedication to food safety will be recognized at the IAFP 2008 Awards Banquet on August 6. We wish to thank all nominators and applicants for their dedication in preparing and submitting nominations during our 2008 awards season.
[Link to list]

Program Available for 2008 European Symposium

We invite you today to review the official program for our Fourth European Symposium on Food Safety, to be held November 19–21 in Lisbon, Portugal. "Advancements in Food Safety" has been organized and will be presented by 28 experts from throughout Europe and beyond.
[Link to program]
[Link to conference information]

Featured Abstract from Journal of Food Protection

"Primers Specific for the Fimbrial Major Subunit Gene stdA Can Be Used to Detect Salmonella enterica Serovars" was the most widely-read article in the June issue. Read the abstract here.
[Link to abstract]

July Food Protection Trends: Abstracts and Monthly Columns by IAFP President and Executive Director

Researchers test for E. coli in beef using the Phast Swab integrated assay method; a paper suggesting Listeria prevention strategies for small dairies producing specialty cheeses; Gary Acuff argues for the ongoing validation of critical control points in food production, particularly for industries that depend on the too-late sampling of end products; a behind-the-scenes glimpse of IAFP 2008 with David Tharp.
[Link to FPT]

Food Safety News

PFSE Welcomes AFFI and GMA As Contributing Members

The Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE) announced in June the expansion of its Board of Directors to include industry leaders from the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI).
[Link to AFFI]

The Bacteria Within: Researchers to Study the Unstudied for Source of Disease

At the 108th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (ASM), scientists call for a concerted research effort to study how the changes of microbial communities living within the human body may affect or be affected by disease.
[Link to article]

Through New Technique, Bacterium in Pigs to Be Studied for Role in Stomach Ulcers

Scientists at Gent University in Belgium have developed a new method of cultivating Helicobacter suis, which has been associated with fatal stomach ulcers in pigs. The availability of the organism's pure isolates is an important step in the study of treatment strategies for both pigs and humans.
[Link to article]

Contaminated Produce a Major Player in the Increase of Foodborne Illnesses

In an electronic briefing posted by the New York Academy of Sciences, five experts explain what factors are influencing the rise in foodborne illnesses associated with the consumption of fresh produce.
[Link to article]

Canadian Student Serves Up News Aggregator for Science Eyes Only

A graduate student at the Université Laval in Quebec recently launched e! Science News, an aggregator tailored to improve the accessibility of science and technology news on the Web.
[Link to article]

Regulatory Updates

FSIS: Coordinating Foodborne Outbreak Investigations

The USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) released in June the Related Documents for its docket on "Better Communications, Better Public Health Outcomes: Strategies for Improved Coordination During Foodborne Outbreaks."
[Link to FSIS]

Research & Reports

EASAC Recommendations on Battling Zoonotic Infections

In response to the rising risk of infections transmissible between animals and humans, the European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) has published an evidence-based policy report.
[Link to EASAC]

FAO Releases Workshop Report on Produce Quality Improvement

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) collaborated with India's National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) for a February 2008 training workshop on "Improving the Quality and Safety of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: A Practical Approach." The 28-page report is available here.
[Link to report]

FSA Publishes Cloned Animals Research

This Food Standards Agency (FSA) article summarizes the key findings of its research on "Animal Cloning and Implications for the Food Chain" and provides access to the 146-page report.
[Link to FSA]

EU-wide Survey Studies Salmonella in Pigs

This June 9 press release from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) contains access to the full report and annexes of its 2006–2007 survey on Salmonella levels in pigs in 25 Member States of the European Union (EU).
[Link to EFSA]

Items of Interest

GMA Provides New Resource for Food and Beverage Makers

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) worked with regulatory experts, scholars, and manufacturers to develop the recently released Food Supply Chain Handbook, which offers valuable tools for supplier management. This article provides a link to the English and Spanish translations, noting that French and Mandarin Chinese translations will be available soon.
[Link to GMA]

Summer Cooking Safety Tips from PFSE

The Partnership for Food Safety Education's (PFSE) Be Food Safe program features these one-page flyers on preparing and transporting food in hot weather.
[Link to "Master Griller" tips]
[Link to food transport tips]

Comments or suggestions for IAFP Report may be sent to report@foodprotection.org, or directly to the Contents Editor, Dr. Jeff Farber, Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Health Canada. E-mail jeff_farber@hc-sc.gc.ca

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