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September 2008
Vol.2, No. 9

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Roll out the red carpet!

IAFP sends a jubilant thank-you to the more than 1,840 individuals and companies who chose to "Experience Columbus" through the Association's 95th Annual Meeting held in early August. The Hyatt Regency's prime conference facilities were truly brought to life by our generous sponsors and contributors, quality program and distinguished presenters, enthusiastic attendees, and 105 first-class exhibitors. Success is our goal for every meeting — and we gratefully acknowledge the faithful organizers and attendees whose hands helped us reach that goal in Columbus.

Be sure to follow IAFP's efforts to Beijing September 24–25 as we return a second year to support the China International Food Safety & Quality Conference. For details, go to http://www.chinafoodsafety.com/.

IAFP Updates

Lisbon Conference Welcomes Abstracts and Sponsors

With another remarkable program in store for our November 19–21 Fourth European Symposium on Food Safety, we invite you to consider the unique opportunity for meeting sponsorship in Lisbon. Visit our Web site today for information, registration, and the official Call for Abstracts. The deadline for abstract submission is September 30.
[Link to symposium]

September Food Protection Trends: Abstracts and Monthly Columns by IAFP President and Executive Director

An Australian study measures the efficacy of glove use in controlling Staphylococcus aureus on beef and sheep carcasses; an article offering strategies to prevent fatalities resulting from allergic reactions to restaurant food; in his inaugural article as IAFP President, Stan Bailey embraces the legacy of leadership and his commitment to the bright future of the Association; David Tharp explains the current Board transition and comments on the nature of planning for an influential Annual Meeting.
[Link to FPT]

Featured Abstract from Journal of Food Protection

"Microbial Quality of Raw Aquacultured Fish Fillets Procured from Internet and Local Retail Markets" was the most widely-read article in the August issue. Read the abstract here.
[Link to abstract]

Food Safety News

Research Shows Evolution of Prominent Intestinal Bug

At Baylor College of Medicine, research into the norovirus family has revealed clues about the evolution of the Norwalk virus and fostered strategies for counteracting it.
[Link to article]

Australian Law to Protect the Vulnerable

The New South Wales Food Authority (NSW) launched in August the Vulnerable Persons Food Safety Scheme, which aims to serve seniors and the unwell by requiring regular food safety audits of hospitals and care facilities.

[Link to NSW]

EFSA Delivers Final Opinion on Animal Cloning

In this July 24 press release, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announces the publication of its final scientific opinion on the safety issues of animal cloning, highlighting comments from select advisors.
[Link to EFSA]

Regulatory Updates

Second Edition of Tomato Safety Guidelines

United Fresh Produce Association and the North American Tomato Trade Work Group (NATTWG) released in August this 53-page comprehensive edition of "Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Fresh Tomato Supply Chain."

[Link to UFA pdf]

Updated Guidance on Bacterial Resistance Assessment

The Panel on Additive and Products or Substances Used in Animal Feed (FEEDAP) has revised the July 2001 technical guidance adopted by the EFSA's Scientific Committee on Animal Nutrition (SCAN).
[Link to EFSA]

Research & Reports

Advice on TSE Risk from Sheep and Goats

The EFSA's Biological Hazards Panel (BIOHAZ) published in July its advice on the consumption of ovine and caprine flocks affected by scrapie and other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). The summary page below provides access to the full opinion.
[Link to EFSA]

Examining Listeriosis Rise in Europe

A report in the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) Emerging Infectious Disease journal describes the emerging epidemiology of listeriosis in France and across Europe. Listeriosis, which declined in incidence there between 1999 and 2005, saw an increase in 2006.
[Link to report]

New Resource Addresses Water Quality in Food Production

Scientific experts collaborating through the International Life Sciences Institute Europe (ILSI Europe) have prepared this 48-page report focusing on factors for the food industry to consider when using water for specific applications.
[Link to report]

Researching Bacterium Linked to Humans and Cattle

This 41-page study published by the American Society for Microbiology (ASM) takes a closer look at the role of Mycobacterium avium, a pathogen found in the gut tissues of Crohn's disease patients as well as in the digestive tract of cattle with Johne's disease.

[Link to report]

Items of Interest

New Certification Program for Canadian Producers and Packers

The Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) launched in July a new On-Farm Food Safety (OFFS) Certification Program to support the Canadian produce industry's management of microbiological, chemical, and physical threats to fruits and vegetables.
[Link to CHC]

Comments or suggestions for IAFP Report may be sent to report@foodprotection.org, or directly to the Contents Editor, Dr. Jeff Farber, Bureau of Microbial Hazards, Health Canada. E-mail jeff_farber@hc-sc.gc.ca

Thank You to Our Contributors

Logos: NSW
Photos: Science Photo Library (tomato, by Cristina Pedrazzini; Listeria bacteria infecting a HeLa cell; Mycobacterium bacterial complex, by Dr. Kari Lounatmaa)

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