Information for Organizers and Presenters

Tips for Recording Presentations

Important Dates (subject to change)

September 10, 2020 - Deadline for all registration for all presenters.

September 21, 2020 - Speaker Portal Opens

October 1, 2020 - Abstract Presentation Deadline

  • Poster - Poster (required), handouts (optional) and 5-minute (maximum) recorded presentation (optional)
  • Technical - 15-minute (maximum) recorded presentation (required)

October 9, 2020 - Deadline for upload of individual pre-recorded symposia presentations

October 14, 2020 - Poster presentations will be available for registered attendees to begin viewing

October 26-28 - IAFP 2020, A Virtual Annual Meeting

The virtual annual meeting will feature message boards for presenters and attendees to interact at anytime during the meeting.  

IAFP Commercialism Policy

IAFP enforces its Commercialism Policy in order to restrict commercialism in technical manuscripts, graphics, oral presentations, poster presentations, panel discussions, symposium papers, and all other type submissions and presentations so that scientific merit is not diluted by proprietary secrecy. Click here for the full policy.

Conflict of Interest Statement

All presenters must agree to comply with IAFP's Commercialism Policy. If the presenter has any commercial influence or relationships, they agree that their presentation will be evidence-based and will clearly disclose their relationship to the products, services, or procedures from that commercial entity in their poster and/or technical oral presentation. Additionally, the presenter must avoid any appearance of impropriety and will not use this platform for selling or promoting any product, service, procedure, company, or any other means whereby the presenter or others will stand to benefit financially.

Registration – All presenters must register for IAFP 2020.

Presenter Changes – It is important to keep the IAFP office up to date if there are any changes to your session. In the event that titles, presenters, etc. change, please send an e-mail immediately to Tamara Ford (

Recording – IAFP 2020 sessions are recorded and posted on the meeting portal. Instructions for accessing the Speaker Portal will be sent in September. 

For symposia sessions, the pre-recording will be released at the scheduled time and then be available for attendees during the meeting and for at least six months following the virtual Annual Meeting.

Presentation times are limited to 30 minutes or as assigned.  The system may cut the presentation to the scheduled length of presentation.  Please do not exceed.

Roundtables will be live during the virtual meeting. 

Message Boards

There will be message boards for attendees and presenters to interact during the meeting.  For live presentations, this is where the audience will ask questions and the moderator will direct to the panel. 

For pre-recorded presentations, we ask that presenters check message boards daily during the virtual annual meeting.

Information for Abstract Presenters

Registration – All presenters must register for IAFP 2020, A Virtual Annual Meeting. To register at the lowest registration price, register by the early registration deadline.

Withdraw Rules - To ensure a successful IAFP Annual Meeting, it is essential for accepted technical and poster presenters to submit their final posters/presentations. Presenters who are unable to present should find a replacement presenter. If it is necessary to withdraw an abstract, IAFP must be notified no later than September 4. Withdrawals made after the September 4 deadline will be subject to the non-presentation policy. Failing to present an accepted abstract at the scheduled time and place, or failure to find a replacement presenter will result in the presenter being prohibited from presenting an abstract at any IAFP-sponsored meeting through the conclusion of the next year's Annual Meeting. To withdraw, send an email to Tamara Ford (

Information for Posters

Presentation Information – Each accepted poster will be accessible to all registered attendees starting on October 14, 2020, and throughout the meeting. 

Poster Size – Presenters can choose the final size and content of the poster to upload a PDF via the Speaker's Portal. We recommend a standard size page in landscape format.  Multiple pages are acceptable.

Handouts – Please upload poster handouts using the Speaker's Portal.  The handouts will be available to attendees via the IAFP 2020 virtual platform.

Optional 5-minute recording – This is an optional presentation recording, explaining the poster abstract/research.  A 3-4 slide PowerPoint is recommended to accompany the video recording. 

Information for Technical Presentations

Length of Talk – Technical (oral) presentations are 15 minutes long.

Recording – IAFP 2020 sessions are pre-recorded and released on the IAFP Annual Meeting virtual portal the date of the assigned presentation.