Food Genomics 101

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Workshop Description

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Following a 2017 IAFP roundtable (“Zero Tolerance in the Genomic Era”)  there was still a need for education of the audience of the language and terminology (i.e. nomenclature) used throughout the session.

To be accurate, the applications of genomics methods in food microbiology are indeed rapidly increasing in both scope and frequency of use.  Yet, despite this rapid growth, there is a very significant knowledge gap among practicing food protection scientists on the uses of these tools, the nomenclature and jargon surrounding them and their basis.  

This workshop addresses that very gap. Before people can attend and benefit from hands-on bioinformatics workshop they must have some grasps of the language and terminology used.

We will assemble instructors to present and then use terminology followed by summaries/application examples of the main genomic and bioinformatics tools.  At the end of the course, the participant will have been exposed to the glossary of genomics nomenclature as well as understand applications.  They will also have on hand both printed and online resources for further use and study.

Food protection scientists in industry, giovernment and academia who either need a refreesher course in genmic terminology or for whom this is entirely a new topic. Job titles might include QA/QC managers and directors, VP for Food Safety.

Workshop Topics

Hands on DNA Isolation/Intro/Overview

Genomics Nomenclature

Bioinformatics & Live Demos

Application 1 -Pathogen Source Tracking

Application 2 - Microbiomes

Application 3 - Non-Microbial Species ID

Application 4 - Samples and extraction

Applications 5 – Microbial Strain Typing

Applications 6 - Online Tools Live Demo

Workshop Instructors

Marc Allard, U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, College Park, MD

Farhad Ghavami, Eurofins BioDiagnostics, River Falls, MN

Nur Hassan, CosmosID, Columbia, MD

Joe Heinzelman, Neogen, Lansing, MI

Karen Jarvis, FDA/CFSAN, Laurel, MD

Ryan Kemp, Zymo, Irvine, CA

Gregory Siragusa, Eurofins Microbiology, New Berlin, WI

Workshop Organizers

Gregory Siragusa, Eurofins Microbiology, New Berlin, WI