John H. Silliker Lecturer

The John H. Silliker Lecture was established by Silliker Inc. (now Merieux NutriSciences) in 2004 to recognize the achievements of Dr. Silliker through the practical application of scientific principles to improve food protection.  The John H. Silliker Lecture provides an avenue for recognized experts to present important and timely information on topics of significance to food protection at the IAFP Annual Meeting.

Dr. Silliker established Silliker Laboratories in 1967 and grew the network of laboratories to more than 70 locations in 18 countries.  Dr. Silliker was committed to making meaningful contributions to food safety outside the confines of his laboratory. He was an early proponent of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system; developed the revolutionary concept of using sponges to collect environmental samples in food plants; and testified at congressional hearings that resulted in the passage of landmark food safety legislation.

The John H. Silliker Lecturer is selected by a committee including a representative from Merieux NutriSciences, the Program Committee Chairperson, and the IAFP President.

2020 Recipient(s): Peter K. Ben Embarek

    Past Awardees

  • 2019 — Robert V. Tauxe
  • 2018 — Ann Marie McNamara
  • 2017 — Steve L. Taylor
  • 2016 — Renata Clarke
  • 2015 — Francis (Frank) F. Busta
  • 2014 — Leon Gorris
  • 2013 — Dane Bernard
  • 2012 — Catherine Woteki
  • 2011 — Jorgen Schlundt
  • 2010 — Robert L. Buchanan
  • 2009 — Patrick Wall
  • 2008 — Michael P. Doyle
  • 2007 — Terry A. Roberts
  • 2006 — William H. Sperber
  • 2005 — Michiel van Schothorst
  • 2004 — R. Bruce Tompkin