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  • The Challenge of Conducting Challenge Tests

    It is the responsibility of food business operators to take measures to ensure that food safety criteria are applicable throughout food production processes, food storage conditions and food preparation. In the case of ready-to-eat and/or perishable food which supports microbial growth, predictive microbiology, literature data or challenge test studies are performed to prove compliance to regulation. In the case a challenge test is deemed necessary, the webinar will provide guidance on how to conduct it properly, based on the recently published standard on challenge testing and the European technical guidance document. This will lead to greater confidence in the control of Listeria monocytogenes and thus to safer food.


    • Hélène Bergis, Presenter ANSES: French Food Safety Agency
    • Paul in't veld, Presenter Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
    • Florence Postollec, Presenter ADRIA
    • Mariem Ellouze, Moderator Nestlé Research Center