The list below shows upcoming webinars held by IAFP and IAFP’s Professional Development Groups (PDGs). Please note that all opinions and statements are those of the individual making the presentations and not necessarily the opinion or view of IAFP.

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  • ​IAFP Annual Meeting:  How to Develop a Strong Symposium, Roundtable, Workshop, or Abstract Submission

    Organized by the IAFP Program Committee

    Prior to each annual meeting the IAFP Program Committee has the privilege of reviewing and approving proposed symposia, roundtable, workshop and technical abstracts. Following this process, the annual meeting technical content is determined and organized into sessions across the five day meeting.  Along with growth of membership has been a rise in the number of submissions to the Program Committee of which there are defined number which can be accepted.  To enable submitters to maximize their chances of content being accepted, the Program Committee is conducting a webinar describing the review process and the criteria used to accept submissions. 


    • Renee Boyer Ph.D., Presenter Virginia Tech
    • Heidy den Besten Ph.D., Presenter Wageningen University
    • Mark Moorman Ph.D., Presenter Kellogg Company
    • Manpreet Singh Ph.D., Presenter University of Georgia
  • Are You Fit Enough: What Does "Fit for Purpose" Mean to Me?

    Sponsored by: Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation (formerly Covance Food Solutions)

    Organized by: Applied Laboratory Methods PDG, Methods Validation & Verification Interest Group

    "Fit for purpose" is defined by ISO as the "degree to which data produced by a measurement process enables a user to make technically and administratively correct decisions for a stated purpose". Deciding whether a method is "fit for purpose" for your particular use can be tricky. In this webinar, we will explore what "fit for purpose" means in the real world from three different perspectives: product development, end user, and third party testing lab.


    • Evan Henke, Presenter 3M
    • Larry Cohen, Presenter TreeHouse Foods
    • David Legan, Presenter Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation
    • Megan Brown, Moderator Eurofins Food Integrity & Innovation
    • Stephanie Pollard, Moderator Clear Labs
  • Low Moisture (Low Water Activity) Foods: Microbiological Safety and Current Regulatory Requirements

    Organized by the IAFP Low Water Activity Foods Professional Development Group 

    The speakers will provide an overview of current food safety issues with low moisture (low water activity) foods and the evolving regulatory requirements for these products in view of the Food Safety Modernization Act. 


    • Dr. Bradley Marks, Presenter Michigan State University
    • Dr. Nathan Anderson, Presenter FDA
    • Harshavardhan Thippareddi, Moderator University of Georgia - Professor, Dept. of Poultry Science