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  • Contamination Control and Decontamination of Low Moisture Food Processing Facilities Using Chlorine Dioxide Gas

    This presentation will discuss the chlorine dioxide gas fumigation method of sanitation within low water activity food processing facilities. Chemical properties, disadvantages of traditional sanitation, and a case study will be presented.

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    • Kevin Lorcheim ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc.
  • Assessment of Microbial Risk for Fresh Produce

    The purpose of this webinar is to provide some background of the issues that growers of fresh produce face while doing a formal risk assessment and to offer a practical approach to assess the risk. This webinar presents the considerations from a recent ILSI Europe paper (Monaghan et al., 2017) that suggests an easy ‘Growers Risk Assessment’ tool and the practical application of assessment of the risk for fresh produce (Danyluk et al., unpublished). The webinar also provides a platform for discussion and serves as a basis for further round table discussions proposed at IAFP's European Symposium on Food Safety 2018 and IAFP’s Annual Meeting 2018.

    This webinar is sponsored by ILSI Europe


    • Roy Betts Campden BRI
    • Michelle Danyluk University of Florida
    • Belén Márquez García International Life Sciences Institute, Europe (ILSI Europe)
    • Jim Monaghan Fresh Produce Research Centre at Harper Adams University (HAU)
    • Marcel Zwietering University of Wageningen
  • Combating Pests in Food Processing Environments: New Tools and Tactics

    This FREE 60-minute webinar features speakers Jerry Heath from the Industrial Fumigant Company and Dr. Jim Campbell from USDA-ARS, who will discuss the operational aspects of pest management monitoring and current research in the field, as well as new pest management tools and techniques.

    This webinar is sponsored by Industrial Fumigant Company (IFC).

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