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  • The Role Of Water Quality In Food Safety: Does Water Matter? Part 1:  Drinking Water Treatment 2018 Update: Regulations and Technology

    Sponsored by Atlantium Technologies and IAFP's Water Safety and Quality PDG

    Heard lots of conflicting information about how safe your water supply is for use in food processing? Now hear it from the people who know: Ken Rotert of the EPA; Vincent Hill of the CDC; Nicholas Ashbolt of the University of Alberta and hear the industry perspective from Rajendra Gursahaney, Pepsi’s water engineering maven.

    Is all water is treated the same way? Is it always disinfected? What are the compliance standards and do all municipal water suppliers comply? Given the sampling frequency and locations, what do current sampling requirements actually provide? Where do chlorine CT's come from and what log reduction is provided in practice? What do leading companies do?

    This is a great opportunity to hear the straight story about water regulations and what they could mean to your food processing practices. 

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    • Nicholas Ashbolt School of Public Health, University of Alberta
    • Rajendra Gursahaney Pepsi Beverages Company
    • Vincent R. Hill Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Kenneth Rotert United States Environmental Protection Agency
    • Phyllis Butler Posy, Moderator Atlantium Technologies
  • Validation, Verification or Just Semantics?

    Sponsored by the University of Vermont and the IAFP Applied Laboratory Methods Professional Development Group.

    Method validation and method verification are two distinct procedures required to comply with ISO/IEC Standard 17025 for a microbiology laboratory accreditation. Unfortunately, the two terms are often used interchangeably with serious consequences. This webinar will not only address the semantics but will also discuss the appropriate analytical and statistical approaches to achieving successful validation and verification studies.


    • Michael Brodsky Consultant
    • DeAnn Benesh 3M Food Safety Department
    • Stephanie Pollard Clear Labs
  • Practical Applications of Microbial Modeling Webinar Series: Part II of III

    Applications of microbial modeling and risk assessment are critically important to the food industry. This is part II in a webinar series that aims for a deeper-dive into practical considerations in applying modeling tools to inform decisions. Structured around specific food matrices (such as meat and poultry, multi-component foods, and fresh produce), the webinars will focus on examples that may be of practical applications in day-to-day problem-solving.

    Sponsored by Q Laboratories
    IAFP Microbial Modelling and Risk Analysis and Meat and Poultry Safety and Quality Professional Development Groups

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    • Marcel Zwietering Professor, Wageningen University
    • Betsy Booren Senior Policy Advisor, Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Matz PC
    • Peter Taormina, Moderator President, Etna Consulting Group