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  • Handling Food Fraud in e-Commerce - Food Fraud Series Part 5 of 5 

    • This session explores ways of dealing with the risks and intelligence offered by e-Commerce.
    • E-commerce exposes brand owners and retailers to various risks coming with online trading, from misinformation about products to authenticity, parallel trading, and counterfeiting. At the same time, e-commerce is an open and transparent marketplace which can also provide a source of intelligence to manage risks across various supply chains. 
    • The webinar will offer insights about international legal frameworks, different types of risks and explore how technologies help identify and/or allow to massively scan e-retailers and international transactions to intelligently supervise product information which triggers actions to prevent such risks.

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    • Lara Miller, Speaker International Anticounterfeiting Coalition
    • Axel Hein, Speaker Apirasol
    • Nicola Colombo, Speaker SGS
  • Emerging Food Categories - Food Fraud Series Part 4 of 5 

    This is fourth in a series of five webinars on implementation of food fraud control systems and best practices. This session explores emerging food categories and markets with a focus on the latest research relating to packaging technology understanding the benefits of anti-counterfeiting techniques. Finally, we will discuss how to manage food fraud risk information for knowledge sharing and traceability with specialized tools and systems.

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    • Caroline Francis, Researcher Melbourne University Centre Food Value Chain
    • Nicola Colombo, Global Head SGS Digicomply
    • David Psomiadis, Lab Lead Imprint Analytics
  • Food Safety Practices on U.S. Produce Farms Before FSMA

    Before FSMA's Produce Rule was implemented, USDA’s Economic Research Service and National Agricultural Statistics Service surveyed produce growers about their food safety practices. These survey data provide USDA’s first update of national food safety practices since 1999 and since microbial contamination of produce became widely recognized and researched. At the time of the survey, many growers who would be covered by the FSMA Produce Safety Rule (PSR) already had some food safety practices in place. Of these, larger growers had adopted food safety practices at higher rates than smaller growers, and small farms required more changes to meet the PSR standards than large farms.

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    Supplemental Documents

    Changes in U.S. produce grower food safety practices from 1999 to 2016

    Food Safety Requirements for Produce Growers: Retailer Demands and the Food Safety Modernization ActEconomic Information Bulletin No. 206


    • Gregory Astill, Speaker USDA Economic Research Service
    • Travis Minor, Speaker USDA Economic Research Service
    • Suzanne Thornsbury, Speaker USDA Economic Research Service
    • Gretchen Wall, Moderator Produce Safety Alliance Coordinator, Cornell University