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  • MMRA PDG presents Modeling in Foods: Kinetics and ToolsMMRA PDG presents Modeling in Foods: Kinetics and Tools

    Modeling kinetics in primary models, secondary models, and tertiary models involve microbiology, kinetics, mathematics, statistics, and tools. These aspects will be illustrated and examples of the tools IPMP and Baseline will be shown.


    • Lihuan Huang USDA Agricultural Research Service
    • Antonio Valero Díaz University of Cordoba
  • The Food Hygiene and Sanitation PDG presents BIOFILM & FOOD SAFETY

    This presentation will discuss the nature of biofilm formation in general and the effects that growth in a biofilm can have on bacterial cells and their resistance to inactivation using traditional sanitation treatments. 

    Biofilm formation in food processing facilities enhances the ability of pathogens to survive harsh environments, to resist antimicrobial treatments, and to spread and persist in the food processing environment. Thus, the formation of biofilms is a food safety concern since persistent low-level contamination of foods can occur, and is reported to be one of the main factors in failure of sanitation treatments to remove or inactivate human pathogens on produce surfaces.


    • Dr. Bassam Annous United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research ServiceEastern Regional Research Center (USDA-ARS-ERRC)
  • Applied Laboratory Methods PDG Presents: Complexity of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli Strains in Flour – Implications on Testing Procedures


    • Peter Feng FDA CFSAN
    • Karen Jinneman FDA PRL-NW
    • June Wetherington FDA PRL-NW