• Challenges Identified with Food Fraud Implementation - Part 1 of 5: A Strategic Approach to Operationalize Food Fraud Mitigation

    Organized by: Food Fraud PDG 

    Description: Part one of a five-part series on "Challenges Identified Over the Past Year with Food Fraud Implementation & Best Practices" - Part 1 of 5: A Strategic Approach to Operationalize Food Fraud Mitigation 

    Food fraud risks are increasing as global supply networks continue to grow in complexity. Concurrently, companies are being inundated with a plethora of publications, resources and recommendations which can be confusing in their application to supply chain management systems. This webinar will capture the current state of food fraud resources, guidance documents and technology solutions. Speakers will also address methods to evaluate the various solutions, review the steps to an effective food fraud mitigation strategy for ingredient supply chains and provide case studies. 


    • Zoe Shuttlewood, Presenter McCormick & Company, EMEA Food Safety & Quality Systems Lead
    • John Spink, Presenter Michigan State University, Food Fraud Initiative, Director & Assistant Professor
    • Brian Bedard, Moderator GMA Science and Education Foundation, Executive Director