• Cleaning Validation of Cleaning Tools

    The sanitary state of cleaning tools (when compared with that of food equipment or environmental surfaces) is often overlooked as a potential vector of product contamination. This may be because validation of sanitation preventive controls is still not a mandatory requirement in FSMA regulations, and that validation, monitoring and verification of cleaning tools seldom features in site sanitation programs. According to a UK Government funded study (Campden BRI), 47% of the cleaning equipment sampled in food production in facilities tested positive for L. monocytogenes. Moreover, cleaning tools and equipment of poor hygienic design may also harbor other pathogens, including viruses, and allergens and foreign material of food safety concern. This presentation focuses on the appropriate selection of hygienically designed cleaning tools, and the development of validated cleaning tool decontamination methods, and effective monitoring and verification programs.

    Learning Objectives:

    Through this webinar, the participant will learn about:
    • Why cleaning tools should have validated cleaning procedures, and be regularly monitored and verified;
    • Cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection protocols for tools during COVID-19 crisis, and in post-COVID-19 continuity plans; and
    • Methods of validation, monitoring and verification for cleaning tools.


    • Jason White, Moderator National Frozen Foods, OR, USA
    • Amit Kheradia Remco Products, IN, USA