• Everyday Risks Every Time We Eat - Global Poll Findings of Perceived and Experienced Risks from Unsafe Foods

    Learning Objectives:

    •Attendees will hear results of the first global study of worry & harm experienced by people from unsafe food & drink.
    •They will learn about the number of people across 142 countries that have experienced serious harm, or know someone who experienced serious harm, caused by the food they ate in the two years prior to polling
    •Attendees will gain an understanding of who people around the world trust to keep their food safe
    •All results will be detailed by region covering low, mid and high-income economies


    • Sarah Cumbers, Presenter Lloyd's Register Foundation, United Kingdom
    • Vincent Doumeizel, Panelist Senior Advisor, Ocean, United Nations, Global Compact, United Kingdom
    • Chris Elliott, Panelist Institute for Global Food Security at Queens University, United Kingdom
    • Steven Jaffee, Panelist Lecturer at the University of Maryland’s Agricultural and Resource Economics Department, United States
    • Beth Elliot, Moderator Lloyd's Register Foundation, United Kingdom