• Food Safety Culture - Part 7 of 7: Building Strong Food Safety Cultures with Effective Training Programs

    How does your food safety culture journey compare with your global colleagues?  Food Safety Professionals from over 5,000 plants worldwide shared their feedback in The Global Food Safety Training Survey 2020, an industry benchmarking tool for companies to assess their training programs and share their biggest food safety training challenges. Join us to dissect the insights from this valuable benchmarking tool to better understand the advances we are making in our collective food safety culture journey and the existing challenges identified that may be preventing us from achieving a truly robust food safety culture.    

    By attending this webinar, you will:

    • Receive the food safety culture data highlights and compare your own culture journey
    • Learn how your food safety training program can be a key tool to advance your food safety culture
    • Identify potential gaps in your training program and how other colleagues are overcoming those gaps


    • Laura Nelson Alchemy Systems, USA
    • Bertrand Emond Campden BRI, UK
    • Lone Jespersen, Moderator Cultivate, Switzerland