• FSMA Full Enforcement Impact on Food Safety - Data Analysis, Stats, Trends, Challenges

    Learning Objectives:

    1.Public and private food safety facts and data related to whether the FDA’s enforcement and implementation of FSMA is having a positive impact on food safety for US consumers.
    2. Food safety “big data” facts and stats identify food safety trends so that government, food manufacturers, and technologists can determine adjustments for preventive food safety enhancement, implementation, and enforcement.
    3. Share the panelists perspective on whether the huge government and food industry investment in FSMA is having a positive impact on food safety or the US consumer

    Professional Development Groups

    • Food Safety Assessment, Audit and Inspection Professional Development Group


    • Glenn Bass, Presenter U.S. Food and Drug Administration, USA
    • Loralyn Ledenbach, Presenter Kraft Heinz Company, USA
    • William Marler, Presenter Marler Clark LLP PS, USA
    • Allen Sayler, Presenter & Moderator EAS Consulting Group, LLC, USA