• Handling Food Fraud in e-Commerce - Food Fraud Series Part 5 of 5 

    • This session explores ways of dealing with the risks and intelligence offered by e-Commerce.
    • E-commerce exposes brand owners and retailers to various risks coming with online trading, from misinformation about products to authenticity, parallel trading, and counterfeiting. At the same time, e-commerce is an open and transparent marketplace which can also provide a source of intelligence to manage risks across various supply chains. 
    • The webinar will offer insights about international legal frameworks, different types of risks and explore how technologies help identify and/or allow to massively scan e-retailers and international transactions to intelligently supervise product information which triggers actions to prevent such risks.

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    • Lara Miller, Speaker International Anticounterfeiting Coalition
    • Axel Hein, Speaker Apirasol
    • Nicola Colombo, Speaker SGS