Advanced Molecular Analytics Professional Development Group

Mission Statement: To provide a forum for the exchange and sharing of information related to the development and use of advanced and emergent technologies to promote food safety and public health

Next Meeting

July 8, 2018
Salt Palace Convention Center | Salt Lake City, Utah

In conjunction with IAFP 2018

How to Join

Involvement in committees and professional development groups (PDGs) offers Members the opportunity to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Members of committees and PDGs are the architects of the Association structure. They plan, develop and institute many of the Association's projects, including workshops, publications and educational sessions. Technical challenges facing the food safety industry are discussed, examined and debated. Members may volunteer to serve on any number of committees or PDGs that plan and implement activities to meet the Association's mission.

Membership on a PDG is voluntary (not by appointment) and may vary from year to year.

IAFP Members can manage their PDG involvement by logging in to the IAFP Web site. At the Member Dashboard, click “Edit Profile.” Your profile has two tabs: Contact Info and Professional Info. Select the Professional Info tab and update the PDGs you would like to participate in. We highly recommend that you contact the PDG chairperson for each group to let them know you have joined their PDG.

Non-members can contact Didi Loynachan,, for more information.


2017 Board Response to Recommendations

  1. Several people in the group recommended that the app be changed to include link to each PDG’s sponsored or co-sponsored sessions.

    Board Response: Agree, staff will look into making the necessary changes.

  2. Several requests for doubling or tripling the numbers of chairs and tables in the commons area for people to have more places to interact as well as laptop work.

    Board Response: Board Response: Each Annual Meeting location is unique and it is recognized that networking areas are very important to the meeting. Efforts will be made to include areas for working and networking.

2016 Board Response to Recommendations

  1. None

2015 Board Response to Recommendations

  1. Approval of Dr. Greg Siragusa for Chair and Dr. Palmer Orlandi for Vice-Chair.

    Board Response: Approved.

2014 Board Response to Recommendations

  1. Over 95 IAFP members showed up for the organizational PDG meeting. Discussion followed regarding interest of developing into a PDG. There was overwhelming support for developing the proposed PDG into a new PDG which would be titled “Advanced Molecular Analytics Professional Development Group.”

    Board Response: Approved.

  2. David G. White (FDA) was elected as the first Chair of the AMA PDG. Vice Chair to be determined as soon as possible in consultation with IAFP on process.

    Board Response: Approved David White as Chair. IAFP staff will be in contact regarding establishing a Vice Chair.