HACCP Utilization and Food Safety Systems Professional Development Group

Mission Statement: To serve as an international knowledge sharing forum to promote the successful development and implementation of HACCP and food safety systems.

Meeting Information

October 25 2020
Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland | Cleveland, Ohio

In conjunction with IAFP 2020

How to Join

Involvement in committees and professional development groups (PDGs) offers Members the opportunity to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Members of committees and PDGs are the architects of the Association structure. They plan, develop and institute many of the Association's projects, including workshops, publications and educational sessions. Technical challenges facing the food safety industry are discussed, examined and debated. Members may volunteer to serve on any number of committees or PDGs that plan and implement activities to meet the Association's mission.

Membership on a PDG is voluntary (not by appointment) and may vary from year to year.

IAFP Members can manage their PDG involvement by logging in to the IAFP Web site. At the Member Dashboard, click “Edit Profile.” Your profile has two tabs: Contact Info and Professional Info. Select the Professional Info tab and update the PDGs you would like to participate in. We highly recommend that you contact the PDG chairperson for each group to let them know you have joined their PDG.

Non-members can contact Dina Siedenburg, dsiedenburg@foodprotection.org, for more information.


2019 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Continue to have the HACCP PDG and Food Safety Culture PDG meetings at different times

    Board Response: Agree.

  2. Approve Fatemeh Ataei as Vice Chair.

    Board Response: Agree.

2018 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Consider a better system for cross-communication between PDGs that are closely related (like Food Safety Culture and HACCP Food Safety Systems). Not all PDG work is for symposium development, so just coordinating symposium ideas on a spreadsheet is only the first part of this. Is there a way to schedule meetings to allow for some overlap time that is shared between PDGs before they break out into their own separate meetings? Or else don’t schedule them at the same time.

    Board Response: Agree. As per a request from the Food Safety Culture PDG, these two PDG meetings will be scheduled at separate times.

2017 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Recommend that Deann Akins-Lewenthal be approved as Vice Chair of the PDG.

    Board Response: Agree.

  2. Recommend that Deann Akins-Lewenthal be approved as Vice Chair of the PDG.

    Board Response: IAFP does not currently have a HACCP Guidance document.

2016 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Approve Loralyn Ledenbach as Vice Chair for 2016-2017. (shortened term due to the step down of Lisa Moody as Vice Chair).

    Board Response: Agree

2015 Board Response to Recommendations +

  1. Approve Lisa Moody as Vice-Chair for 2015-2017.

    Board Response: Approve.



  • HACCP and Risk Management Group Accomplishments

    The HACCP Utilization and Food Safety Systems PDG introduces its mission, its accomplishments since its establishment in July 2013, and discusses what to expect from the group at the 2014 annual meeting including the roundtable “HACCP – Clear as Mud.”

    Organized by the HACCP Utilization and Food Safety Systems PDG


    • Neil Bogart Red Diamond
    • Laura Dunn Nelson Alchemy Systems
    • Jean Anderson General Mills
    • Lone Jespersen Maple Leaf Foods
    • Carol Wallace University of Central Lancashire