Hygienic Design and Sanitation

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Workshop Description

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Sanitation practices are essential to provide safe foods to consumers. During this workshop, the participants will learn about the NAMI and GMP Equipment Design Principles and utilize the checklists to assess the design of different equipment during hands-on exercises.  They will also learn about the importance of designing utilities such as compressed air, water system, etc. and working with the maintenance department. Also, an overview of on Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Sanitation as a Preventive Control.

During the second day, the workshop with a focus on implementing and managing a master sanitation schedule, cleaning and sanitizing principles, and a case study to conclude and summarize the learning. The second day will also include a hands-on cleaning exercises.

Plant & Corporate Quality leads, Plant & Corporate Sanitation leads, Plant & Corporate Microbiologists

Workshop Topics

The importance of Sanitation

Introduction to Hygienic Zoning - Breakout

Overview - Sanitary Design of Equipment

Principles of Sanitary Design of Equipment

Hands-on examples of sanitary design of equipment - Breakout

Considerations for Utilities such as: Compressed air, environmental air, water, etc.

Maintenance for Food Safety

Overview of Sanitation as a Preventive Control

Utilizing data to verify (validate) your sanitation program, and for continuous improvement

Hands on cleaning and sanitizing following the 7 steps of sanitation - Breakout

Workshop Instructors

Vanessa Cranford, FDA-CFSAN, Washington, DC, USA

Nathan Mirdamadi, Commercial Food Sanitation, Aliquppa, PA, USA

Workshop Organizers

Richard Brouillette, Commercial Food Sanitation, South Burlington, Vermont, USA