Sponsorship Opportunities

We invite you to participate as a sponsor for IAFP 2024. Sponsorship participation provides an excellent opportunity to position your company or organization as a supporter of the Association. Please review the event listings to select the event that you will best position your organization. Reservations will be taken in order received for any open sponsorship events. A waiting list for events with a right of first option will be established. Partial sponsorships may be available.

Become a Sponsor Now

  • Conference Bag Program $25,000

    sponsored by: Hardy Diagnostics

  • Opening Reception $25,000

    sponsored by: Merck Animal Health

  • Exhibit Hall Reception (Monday) $20,000

  • Exhibit Hall Reception (Tuesday) $20,000

  • Badge Holders with Lanyards $18,000

    sponsored by: Neogen

  • Exhibit Hall Lunch (Monday) $15,000

    sponsored by: BCN Research Laboratories

  • Exhibit Hall Lunch (Tuesday) $15,000

  • Networking Lunch (Wednesday) $15,000

  • Meeting App $15,000

    sponsored by: Merieux Nutriscience

  • Welcome Reception $15,000

  • Notepads with Sponsor's Logo $15,000

    sponsored by: CultureMediaConcepts

  • President's Reception $14,000

  • Hotel Key Advertising $14,000

    sponsored by: bioMerieux

  • Conference WiFi $13,000

    sponsored by: Hygiena

  • Student Mixer $10,000

    sponsored by: Merck Animal Health, Smart Food Strategies

  • Registration Kiosk Branding $9,000

    sponsored by: KERRY

  • Exhibit Hall Coffee Break (Monday a.m.) $9,000

    sponsored by: Deibel Laboratories

  • Exhibit Hall Coffee Break (Tuesday a.m.) $9,000

  • Exhibit Hall Coffee Break (Monday p.m.) $7,000

  • Exhibit Hall Coffee Break (Tuesday p.m.) $7,000

  • Exhibit Hall Aisle Banners $7,000

    sponsored by: Whirl-Pak

  • Student PDG Luncheon $5,500

    sponsored by: Ecolab Inc.

  • Coffee Break (Wednesday a.m.) $5,500

  • Coffee Break (Wednesday p.m.) $5,000

  • Early Morning Coffee (Monday a.m.) $5,000

    sponsored by: Charm Sciences

  • Early Morning Coffee (Tuesday a.m.) $5,000

    sponsored by: Bio-Rad Laboratories

  • Early Morning Coffee (Wednesday a.m.) $4,000

  • Editorial Board Reception $4,000

  • Committee Day Refreshments $3,500

  • Awards Banquet Flowers $3,000

  • Exhibit Hall Floor Decals (multiple opportunities available) $2,500

    sponsored by: Certified Group, Cornerstone Flooring, FREMONTA, KERRY, and available to others

  • Pens for Committee Day $1,000

    sponsored by: Vitsab International

  • Speaker Travel Support (Multiple opportunities available) $1,000