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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Ongoing Efforts for Global Harmonization in Standardization in Food Microbiology
Applications of Microbial Profiling: The Present and the Future.
Beef Decontamination Treatments in Slaughter Plants: Do They Improve Product Safety?
Campylobacter, Health Impact, Performance Objectives and Effectiveness of Sampling Plans
Challenges in Campylobacter Detection and Accurate Quantification
Challenge testing for Listeria Monocytogenes: Requirements, Needs, Difficulties and Developments
Clarity through Chaos:  International Perspectives on Food Safety after Recent High-Profile Foodborne Outbreaks
Close-up of Consumer Kitchen Practices   – Can Socio(microbio)Logy Aid Food Safety at Home?
Culturomics: The Revival of Microbiological Culture!!!
Environmental Monitoring- Friend or Foe?
Fast MALDI Typing to Drive Decision-Making and Source Tracking
Food Safety Culture: The Proof Is in the Science
Food Safety Emerging Risk Identification with Novel Computational Methods
Foodborne Viruses: Detection, Risk Assessment, and Control Options in FOOD Processing
Fungal spores in food; implication of natural heterogeneity on food quality
Getting Ahead of Food Fraud
Hepatitis E Virus, an Emergent Food-Borne Pathogen? Public Health Implications
How Has Metagenomics Been Useful to Food Safety Research and What Does Its Application to Public Health Hold
Insects in Poultry Feed: Regulatory Framework, Poultry Gut Microbiota and Consumer Acceptability
Microbiological Hygiene and Food Safety in Primary Production and Processing of Fresh Produce – from Science to Easily Understandable Recommendations for Farmers and Suppliers
Network Analysis to Better Decipher Functions and Dynamics of Food Microbial Ecosystems
Norovirus, Glycans and Oysters: The Perfect Association?
Novel Modelling Approaches of Microbiological Spoilage in Food
On-Going Research Activities in Risk-Benefit Assessment of Food
The Survival and Control of Foodborne Pathogens in Low-Moisture Foods
The Use of Chemicals in Food Hygiene and Linkage to Microbial Resistance
Using Environmental and Food Microbiomes to Inform Management of Microbiological Food Safety Hazards
Water Re-Use in Food Processing Industry. It’s Inevitable!