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Call for Symposium and Roundtable Submissions - Deadline was 19 January 2021

Call  for Abstracts - Deadline was 19 January 2021

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All Food Processes Have a Residual Risk, Some Are Small, Some Very Small and Some Are Extremely Small: Zero Risk Does Not Exist
An Update on the Integration of “Omics” into Risk Assessment
Biofilm Formation as an Adaptation Strategy for Food-associated Bacteria
Clostridium Botulinum: Re-Emerging Risk?
Consumer Safety Aspects of Artisanal and Entrepreneurial Food Fermentations
COVID-19: Assessing Potential Consumer Risk and Managing Value Chain Disruption
Distinction between Bacillus Thuringiensis Used in Biopesticide and Presumptive Bacillus cereus Strains Involved in Food Quality & Safety: A Hot Topic
Food Safety Impacts of National and Organisational Culture
Foodborne Zoonoses and One Health; What’s New in Europe? the One Health Ejp!
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): Pragmatic Considerations from Industrial Perspectives
Processing Environment Monitoring in Low Moisture Foods Production Environmentsare We Looking for the Right Thing(s) / Microorganisms, in the Right Places?
Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for Food Spoilage
Validation of Control Measures for Foodborne Pathogens in Foods: Challenges and Solutions
Viruses: Looking into and Making Sense of Unforeseen Risks for Food Safety
Water Re-Use in Operation – How to Clean-up Used Water Sources for Food Use and Consumer Safety in Practice?
What To Decide ? Making Informed Decisions for Process Validation and Food Safety Legislation using Stochastic Risk Models

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2019 Nantes, France
2018 Stockholm, Sweden
2017 Brussels, Belgium
2016 Athens, Greece
2015 Cardiff, Wales
2014 Budapest, Hungary
2013 Marseille, France
2012 Warsaw, Poland
2011 Ede, The Netherlands
2010 Dublin, Ireland
2009 Berlin, Germany
2008 Lisbon, Portugal
2007 Rome, Italy
2006 Barcelona, Spain
2005 Prague, Czech Republic