Executive Board Speaker Program

The International Association for Food Protection Executive Board Members are available to speak at your affiliate meetings about numerous topics involving food safety. They provide a variety of talks on topics in many areas of interest.

IAFP is pleased to announce an expansion to the IAFP Executive Board Speaker Program that includes several IAFP Past Presidents. These speakers not only provide additional resources from which Affiliates can choose but also contribute a more diversified selection of food safety-related topics to present at Affiliate meetings.

Each Affiliate may request one Executive Board speaker or your selection from the expanded IAFP Speaker Program list for one Affiliate meeting within a 12-month calendar year. A two-month advance notice is requested. IAFP will support the travel expense to your meeting location for the Executive Board Member or your selection from the expanded IAFP Speaker Program list. The Affiliate covers local expenses, including meals, lodging, and local transportation. To invite a speaker from these listings to your Affiliate meeting, call 515.276.3344 and contact Susan Smith.

Affiliate View Newsletter

Affiliate View is IAFP’s quarterly newsletter specifically for our Affiliates. From information about upcoming events to news about IAFP programs and services, the Affiliate View is a valuable source of information to help you make the most of your Membership status.