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  • ​IAFP Annual Meeting:  How to Develop a Strong Symposium, Roundtable, Workshop, or Abstract Submission

    Organized by the IAFP Program Committee

    Prior to each annual meeting the IAFP Program Committee has the privilege of reviewing and approving proposed symposia, roundtable, workshop and technical abstracts. Following this process, the annual meeting technical content is determined and organized into sessions across the five day meeting.  Along with growth of membership has been a rise in the number of submissions to the Program Committee of which there are defined number which can be accepted.  To enable submitters to maximize their chances of content being accepted, the Program Committee is conducting a webinar describing the review process and the criteria used to accept submissions. 

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    • Renee Boyer Ph.D., Presenter Virginia Tech
    • Heidy den Besten Ph.D., Presenter Wageningen University
    • Mark Moorman Ph.D., Presenter Kellogg Company
    • Manpreet Singh Ph.D., Presenter University of Georgia
  • Overview and Comparison of Global Method Validation Schemes

    Sponsored by Q Laboratories, Inc. and Clear Labs

    Organized by the IAFP Applied Laboratory Methods Professional Development Group

    The development of novel food safety testing methods is a global effort, and as such those methods must conform to a globally diverse set of standards. Choosing a standard is a function of target geographical markets, opportunity, and market demands. This webinar is the 3rd of the webinar series on method validation and verification and will provide an overview of the major global method validation schemes, how they are conducted, if/where they’re harmonizable, and what method developers can do to be ready for them.

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    • Patrick M. Bird, Presenter Q Laboratories, Inc.
    • Christopher Haney, Presenter Clear Labs
    • Stephanie Pollard, Moderator Clear Labs
    • Omar Oyarzabal, Moderator University of Vermont
  • Starting Bioinformatics from Zero as a Biologist

    Sponsored by IEH Laboratories & Consulting and the IAFP Student Professional Development Group

    Help! You're a food microbiologist embarking on an RNA or DNA-sequencing project for the first time. Where do you start? What tools should you use? What do all these new terms mean? Can you do this on your laptop? What is Linux, anyway? We'll answer these questions and more in this one-hour webinar meant to provide you with some of the vocabulary and resources you will need to develop a game plan for learning bioinformatics.

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    • Andrea Etter, Presenter Assistant Professor of Food Science and Nutrition, University of Vermont
    • Jessica Chen, Presenter Microbiologist, IHRC Inc.
    • Peter Cook, Presenter Post-Doctoral Researcher, Center for Food Safety, University of Georgia - Griffin
    • Lee Katz, Presenter Enteric Diseases Laboratory Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Stephanie Brown, Moderator Graduate Research Assistant, University of Connecticut