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  • Low Water Activity Foods Safety Series: Part 4 of 4 - Grain-based Foods and Ingredients

    Grains play a large nutritional role in the diet of the world’s population. Flour is used to bake breads or dried for pasta. It can also be used as carriers for spices and flavors. Furthermore, grains can be made into ready-to-eat cereal and snack bars which contain wheat, oat, corn and rice as foundational ingredients. The presence of Salmonella in raw flour and in post-cooking contamination of cereal and snack bars is the most significant pathogen risk for these products. In this session, an overview of Salmonella management and mitigation control methods will be presented.


    • Deann Akins-Lewenthal, Presenter Conagra Brands Food Company, United States
    • Scott Hood, Presenter Antifragile Food Safety Consulting
    • Joshua Gurtler, Moderator USDA-ARS, United States
  • Processing Water - I Thought It Was Sanitary

    Employee constraints and other pressures on food company ROI are pushing for longer operational runs which reduce cleaning frequency. Cleaning already suffers from time constraints and ever-changing soils.
    As biofilms become a more widespread phenomenon, prevention and mitigation are now at the forefront. This symposium will bring practical knowledge from food processing to provide an operational guide to help.
    After a quick scientific overview of biofilm basics, we will supply a practical hands-on step-by-step approach to analyzing food production facilities via a Risk Assessment on processing water that can be taken back and added to food safety/quality programs. And finally, we will discuss some of those real-life myths & common mistakes in food manufacturing that end up supporting and establishing biofilms. The topics discussed will help the attendees go back and take a novel approach to investigate and help eliminate potential sources and make the cleaning regime more effective.

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    • Neil Bogart, Presenter Ecolab, United States
    • Phyllis Posy, Presenter Posy Global, Israel
    • Josie Greve-Peterson, Moderator PSSI, United States
  • Digitalizing Environmental Monitoring Programs to Unlock Their True Value in Ensuring Safe Quality Products

    Session One of Four in the Webinar Series: Food Safety and Quality Meets Digital Transformation – What Are the Industry’s Priority Pathways to Control Pathogens, Indicator Organisms, and Allergens? 

    The CDC estimates that each year one in six Americans or 48 million people get sick from foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3000 die. The joint mission between the food industry, academia, and regulatory agencies is to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses. Digitalization is a critical step in improving food safety, traceability, and quality programs to decrease the room for error.

    Many companies are in various phases of digitalization at their companies and are test driving digitalization in areas such as environmental monitoring, process, and sanitation controls, recalls, supplier management, and verification systems. They are seeing benefits in traceability, speed, efficiency, centralized data management and compliance.

    Several open questions remain: What tools exist today and what are missing? How does digitalization actually bridge gaps and how does it work in plants? How does it increase return on investment (ROI) while maintaining regulatory compliance and enhancing the quality of the product?

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    • Derrick Bautista, Presenter Del Monte Foods, United States
    • Joseph Holt, Presenter OSI Group, United States
    • Michael Liewen, Presenter Consultant, United States
    • Mark Moorman, Presenter FDA, United States
    • Vidya Ananth, Moderator Novolyze, United States