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  • Foodborne Viruses: Detection, Risk Assessment, and Control Options in Food Processing

    Sponsored by: The IAFP Foundation

    Organized by: ILSI Europe and the IAFP Viral and Parasitic Foodborne Disease Professional Development Group

    Description: This webinar will be a presentation of the current science on epidemiology, public health burden and risk assessment for viruses in food processing environments. Current technologies for viral detection and control as well future perspectives on the application, along with suggestions on how the food industry could implement effective control strategies and management options for viruses in foods will be introduced.

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    • Elissavet Gkogka, Presenter Arla Foods, Denmark
    • Fabienne Hamon, Presenter bioMérieux, France
    • Sophie Zuber, Presenter Nestlé Research Center, Switzerland
    • Alvin Lee, Moderator Institute for Food Safety and Health, Illinois Institute of Technology, United States
  • The Challenge of Conducting Challenge Tests

    It is the responsibility of food business operators to take measures to ensure that food safety criteria are applicable throughout food production processes, food storage conditions and food preparation. In the case of ready-to-eat and/or perishable food which supports microbial growth, predictive microbiology, literature data or challenge test studies are performed to prove compliance to regulation. In the case a challenge test is deemed necessary, the webinar will provide guidance on how to conduct it properly, based on the recently published standard on challenge testing and the European technical guidance document. This will lead to greater confidence in the control of Listeria monocytogenes and thus to safer food.

    Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation

    Organized by the IAFP

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    • Hélène Bergis, Presenter ANSES: French Food Safety Agency
    • Paul in 't Veld, Presenter Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority
    • Florence Postollec, Presenter ADRIA
    • Mariem Ellouze, Moderator Nestlé Research Center
  • Handling Food Fraud in e-Commerce - Food Fraud Series Part 5 of 5 

    • This session explores ways of dealing with the risks and intelligence offered by e-Commerce.
    • E-commerce exposes brand owners and retailers to various risks coming with online trading, from misinformation about products to authenticity, parallel trading, and counterfeiting. At the same time, e-commerce is an open and transparent marketplace which can also provide a source of intelligence to manage risks across various supply chains. 
    • The webinar will offer insights about international legal frameworks, different types of risks and explore how technologies help identify and/or allow to massively scan e-retailers and international transactions to intelligently supervise product information which triggers actions to prevent such risks.

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    • Lara Miller, Speaker International Anticounterfeiting Coalition
    • Axel Hein, Speaker Apirasol
    • Nicola Colombo, Speaker SGS