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  • Food Safety Culture - Part 4 of 7: SQF and Culture Improvements - Hear Practical Learnings From Two Companies

    This is the fourth in a seven-part series organized by the Food Safety Culture PDG.

    Food safety culture has been a way of life for some and a new approach for others. Learn from established companies on how they started on their journey and how they continue to keep promoting food safety culture in their organizations. 

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    • LeAnne Chuboff SQFI, USA
    • Michelle E. Anselment Night Hawk Frozen Foods, Inc., USA
    • Brian Perry Treehouse Foods, Inc., USA
    • Lone Jespersen, Moderator Cultivate, Switzerland
  • Validation of Innovative Tools to Assess and to Improve Microbiological Safety in the Food Chain

    This webinar we will focus on the acceleration of method validation. More specifically with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) it is possible to analyze data from existing official validation of alternative methods to generate tools which can use past evidence to revise and refine the validation criteria so that alternative methods can benefit from a more efficient validation. In this webinar, we will first present the potential of AI in the data analysis to produce models able to predict behaviors and outcomes, with a specific focus on microbiological systems. A critical review will then be presented on the rapid methods available in the market for the detection of foodborne pathogens, which will also underline pros and cons of these approaches. Lastly, a food producing company will report the potential benefits of such an approach, specifically regarding the faster validation of new rapid methods, such as “a lab-on-chip” device for the detection of foodborne pathogens.

    Sponsored by the IAFP Foundation

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    • Luca Cocolin, Moderator University of Turin, Italy
    • Pedro Lopez, Speaker Al Talentum, Spain
    • Trevor Phister, Speaker   PepsiCo, Switzerland
    • Pietro Cattaneo, Speaker   SwissDeCode, United Kingdom
  • Food Safety Culture - Part 3 of 6: Latest Food Safety Culture Research From Four Doctoral Researchers

    This is the third in a six part series organized by the Food Safety Culture PDG.

    Get four practical insights from four passionate researchers in the field of food safety culture. From the role of regulators, application of GFSI dimensions, impact of communication, to assessments in SMEs and processing facilities.

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    • Lone Jespersen, Moderator Cultivate, Switzerland
    • Sophie Tongyu Wu, Presenter Purdue University, USA
    • Emma Samuel, Presenter Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom
    • Rounaq Nayak, Presenter Harper Adams University, United Kingdom
    • Shingai Nyarugwe, Presenter Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands