Journal of Food Protection

formerly Journal of Milk and Food Technology (1947-1976)
formerly Journal of Milk Technology (1937-1946)

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First published in 1937, the Journal of Food Protection® includes refereed scientific research and authoritative review articles on a variety of food safety and protection topics. JFP is the leading publication in the field of food microbiology and remains the premiere journal dedicated to food safety. The journal is published by the International Association for Food Protection which is supported by the largest food science community.

JFP is indexed in Agricola, BIOSIS, FSTA, Chemical Abstracts, Dairy Science Abstracts–CABI, Google Scholar, Index Medicus, Pubmed/Medline, Scopus, Science Citation Index, and many more.

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JFP Scientific Editors

    • Elliot T. Ryser
    • Scientific Editor
    • Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Michigan State University
    • Panagiotis Skandamis
    • Scientific Editor
    • Agricultural University of Athens

Editorial Staff

    • Lisa K. Hovey
    • Managing Editor
    • International Association for Food Protection
    • Didi Loynachan
    • JFP Administrative Editor
    • International Association for Food Protection

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