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  • Process Validation to Meet FSMA Regulations Part 2: In-plant Validation

    The second session is focused on the presentation of actual validation studies and how to conduct a validation study.
    Food safety is a day-to-day challenge for any food company worldwide. With the application of the FSMA regulation and the Codex Alimentarius, all food processors need to perform a process validation. It consists of obtaining scientific evidence that a control measure or a combination of them if correctly implemented, is capable of controlling the pathogen of concern. It is not always easy to understand where to start. What are the parameters that need to be considered, what is the best methodology?


    • Becky Douglas, Presenter Tree Top, Inc., United States
    • Greg Sommerville, Presenter Frontier Co-Op, United States
    • Jennifer Stiver, Presenter Frontier Co-Op, United States
    • Laure Pujol, Moderator Novolyze, France
  • Connecting Processing Systems to Optimize Productivity and Reduce Waste While Achieving Higher Compliance

    CDC estimates that each year 1 in 6 Americans or 48 million people get sick from foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die. The joint mission between the food industry, academia, and regulatory agencies is to reduce the number of foodborne illnesses. Digitalization is a critical step in improving food safety, traceability, and quality programs to decrease the room for error.

    Many companies are in various phases of digitalization at their companies and are test driving digitalization in areas such as environmental monitoring, process, and sanitation controls, recalls, supplier management, and verification systems. They are seeing benefits in traceability, speed, efficiency, centralized data management, and compliance.

    Several open questions remain: What tools exist today and what are missing? How does digitalization actually bridge gaps and how does it work in plants? How does it increase return on investment (ROI) while maintaining regulatory compliance and enhancing the quality of product?


    • Aaron Asmus, Presenter Hormel Foods R & D
    • Vijay Krishna, Presenter Glanbia Performance Nutrition
    • Vidya Ananth, Moderator Novolyze, Inc.