Mentor Match

The IAFP Mentor Match program is designed to connect IAFP members for one-on-one focused mentorship. Mentorship is a proven self-development method that can help both mentee and mentor develop perspective, build confidence, gain new skills and knowledge, and further personal and career development.

Who is Mentor Match for?

This program is available and free to all IAFP Members either as a Mentor, Mentee or both. Regardless of whether you are a Student or have had a long-established career.

What is my time commitment?

IAFP asks for a 12-month commitment. The expectation is that you will meet with your Mentee/Mentor once a month. This should be decided at the start of the relationship.

How are Mentors and Mentees matched?

Members must first enroll as a Mentor, Mentee, or both. During the enrollment process, members will select preferences for various demographics to establish their personal criteria.

Matching recommendations will be provided to the Mentee in your Profile under Mentoring. The Mentee will click the names of the potential Mentors to view their profiles. Once the Mentee has decided on a Mentor, they will click on the Mentor badge to request that person as their Mentor. An e-mail will be sent to the Mentor alerting them that they have been requested to be a Mentor. The Mentor will be able to accept or decline the request.

Where do I meet with my Mentor?

It is up to you and your Mentor to decide how, when, and where you want to pursue your mentoring relationship. It is likely that most of your communication will occur by phone or virtually. The annual meeting offers a great opportunity to meet in person.

IAFP Connect has created Communities for Mentors and Mentees where they can share questions, discussion, and resources. You will automatically be included in the Community when you enroll in Mentor Match.

How do I learn more or become a Mentor or Mentee?

The IAFP Mentorship program is a benefit on IAFP Connect.  Please login in as a Member at the IAFP Website and go to your Dashboard.  Click on the IAFP Mentor Program link under Association/Member Resources.