Foundations of Produce Safety in Hydroponic and Aquaponic Operations

Webinar Description

Hydroponic and aquaponic crop production systems are growing in popularity, number, and scale. Many of these operations may be covered under the FSMA Produce Safety Rule or be subject to third-party audits, raising questions among growers, Extension professionals, researchers, and consultants about produce safety hazards, risk assessment, and other considerations in these operations. In this webinar, we will introduce the diversity of hydroponic and aquaponic operations, key concepts for produce safety risk assessment, and primary considerations for FSMA Produce Safety Rule compliance. We will also solicit feedback from the audience about their experiences and questions regarding produce safety in hydroponics and aquaponics.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the diversity among hydroponic and aquaponic (HP/AP) operations and what these growing systems look like.
• Gain awareness of key topic areas relevant to produce safety in HP/AP operations.
• Understand the primary considerations relevant to FSMA Produce Safety Rule compliance in HP/AP operations.
• Participants share experiences and perceived educational and research needs, contributing to future programming and materials development.

Professional Development Groups

  • Fruit and Vegetable Safety and Quality Professional Development Group


  • Sean Fogarty, Presenter University of Vermont - Northeast Center to Advance Food Safety
  • Gretchen Wall, Moderator International Fresh Produce Association