Animal and Pet Food Safety Professional Development Group

Mission Statement: To exchange information and promote collaboration on research, development, and regulation to safeguard the global supply of animal food (pet food, animal feed, and raw materials and ingredients)

Meeting Information

IAFP 2024

July 14, 2024

Board Responses

2023 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. If we are to propose a workshop (1 to 2 days), would there be funding and support from IAFP?

    Board Response: IAFP does provide funding for workshops. Contact the IAFP Staff for assistance with developing a workshop proposal.

  2. Understandably, animal food is not traditionally a focus of IAFP. The PDG members showed great appreciation for the establishment and heathy growth of this PDG and would appreciate very much that the Board promotes this PDG whenever possible.

    Board Response: IAFP does promote the activities of all Professional Development Groups and encourages participation. Please provide your ideas for increased promotion and involvement with other partners.

2022 Board Response to Recommendations
  1. Recommend approval of Dr. Beilei Ge as Chair and Dr. Maria Ma as Vice Chair of the APFS PDG as elected by the PDG members.

    Board Response: Agreed.

  2. Recommend scheduling future year’s PDG meetings for the APFS PDG and the Low Water Activity Foods PDG to NOT occur concurrently.

    Board Response: This will be taken into consideration when scheduling PDG meetings at IAFP 2023.

  3. Recommend making it smoother for members to join this PDG. Many were confused on how to do that. Would those with badges scanned at the meeting join the PDG automatically? There is no “join” button from the IAFP Connect community link. The website for this PDG does not provide info on how to join as for other PDGs which is to “Edit profile.”

    Board Response: IAFP staff will send a message to people who attended PDG meetings who are not members of the specific PDG to encourage them to join the PDG. Interested parties can always contact the IAFP office for assistance.

  4. Recommend reaching out and fully engaging Canadian colleagues for the IAFP 2023 meeting in Toronto.

    Board Response: Agreed.