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  1. Survival of Escherichia coli in Banana Peels after Sanitation with Sodium Hypochlorite and during
    Simulated Export Transport Conditions

    Natalia Brenes-Fernández, Oscar Acosta, Maricruz Ramírez-Sánchez, Jessie Usaga Volume 44, Issue 2: Pages 95–101
  2. Survey of Environmental Monitoring Practices in Fresh Produce Packinghouses

    Faith Critzer, Alexis M. Hamilton, Meredith Melendez, Michelle D. Danyluk, Laura K Strawn Volume 44, Issue 2: Pages 102–110
  3. Understanding Cell-Cultured Seafood and Its Food Safety Challenges

    Tori L. Stivers, Rose Omidvar, Razieh Farzad, Jennifer Holtzman Volume 44, Issue 2: Pages 126–138
  4. Isolation of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Camel Milk and in vitro Assessment of Their Antagonism
    Against Selected Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria

    Mohamed Ahmed, Abraham Mikru, Million Adane, Henok Sileshi Volume 44, Issue 2: Pages 80–94
  5. Working with People Affected by Cancer in Food Safety Research: Recruitment Considerations from a Transatlantic Collaboration

    Ellen W. Evans, Sanja Ilic Volume 44, Issue 2: Pages 120–124
  6. Food Source Information: Connecting Public Health Professionals with Food Production

    Marisa Bunning, James Peth, Catherine Davis, Alice White, Elaine Scallan Walter Volume 44, Issue 1: Pages 58–64
  7. Evaluation of the Sanitizing Capacity of a 2-ppm Ozonated Water Handheld Bottle Applied to Simulated Food-Contact Surfaces

    Carmen Cano, Grace Gatima Mahoro, Byron D. Chaves Volume 44, Issue 1: Pages 36–40
  8. A Roundtable on Moving Closer to Zero: Challenges and Opportunities for Reducing Children’s Exposures to Toxic Elements from Foods

    Conrad Choiniere, Cheryl Callen, Yuhuan Chen, De Ann Davis, Tom Neltner, Pamela Starke-Reed, Steven Hermansky Volume 44, Issue 1: Pages 50–57
  9. Food Safety Implications of Online Recipes for Preparing Soaked Nuts and Nut-Based Dairy Analogs

    Maeve Swinehart, Linda J. Harris, Hanna Louvau, Yaohua Feng Volume 44, Issue 1: Pages 19–35
  10. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions of  UV-C Light Technologies for Agricultural Surface Water Decontamination by Produce Growers in Kansas and Missouri

    Olivia C. Haley, Xuan Xu, Majid Jaberi-Douraki, Manreet Bhullar, Eleni D. Pliakoni, Cary Rivard, Londa Nwadike Volume 44, Issue 1: Pages 8–18

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