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  1. Combined Effects of Sanitizers and UV-C Light on Listeria monocytogenes Biofilm Growth and Survivability on Produce-Harvesting Materials Used in the Tree Fruit Production Industry

    E.Manville, L. Nwadike, V. Trinetta Volume 43, Issue 5: Pages 376–382
  2. Identifying Predictors of Safe Food Handling Practices among Canadian Households with Children Under Eighteen Years

    David Obande, David L. Pearl, Ian Young, Andrew Papadopoulos Volume 43, Issue 5: Pages 391–408
  3. Cleaning and Sanitizing in Produce Facilities: Identifying Compliance Gaps and Associated Training Needs, Opportunities and Preferences

    Erik Ohman, Joy Waite-Cusic, Jovana Kovacevic Volume 43, Issue 5: Pages 409–418
  4. Salmonella Prevalence is Low in Deep Tissue Lymph Nodes of Hog Carcasses from a Pork Processing Plant in Alberta, Canada

    Tineke H. Jones, Cara Service, Scott Hrycauk, Katherine E. Gzyl, Devin B. Holman Volume 43, Issue 5: Pages 383–390
  5. Strengthening the Mauritius Food Control System for Enhanced Public Health and Life Protection

    Badroonesha Aumjaud Volume 43, Issue 5: Pages 426–430
  6. Characterization of Escherichia coli Isolates from Agricultural Water on Kansas and Missouri Fresh
    Produce Farms by Whole-Genome Sequencing

    E. Manville, M. S. Bhullar, L. Nwadike, A. Mustapha, V. Trinetta Volume 43, Issue 4: Pages 329–342
  7. Exploring Young Women’s Perceptions of Their Food Skills

    Madelyn M. Morgan, June I. Matthews Volume 43, Issue 4: Pages 304–315
  8. Increasing Food Safety Preparedness of Small and Emerging Food Businesses with Targeted Food Safety Training

    Nicole L. Richard, Lori F. Pivarnik, Christopher Von Achen, Amanda J. Kinchla Volume 43, Issue 4: Pages 292–303
  9. A Personal Perspective Regarding Hygiene Practices at a UK Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

    Ellen W. Evans Volume 43, Issue 4: Pages 358–360
  10. Produce Safety Alliance Training: Long-Term Behavioral Change Study in the North Central Region

    Arlene Enderton, Angela M. Shaw, Alexander Krob, Kylie Plagakis, Ellen Johnsen, Anirudh Naig, Morrine Omolo Volume 43, Issue 4: Pages 316–328
  11. Mitigating Food Waste – Are “Best Before” Dates Past Their Due Dates?

    Sylvain Charlebois, Andrea Rankin, Janet Music Volume 43, Issue 4: Pages 352–357
  12. Face Masks as Sources of Cross-Contamination during Food Preparation

    Erika L. Kadas, Peter M. Rubinelli, Jung-Ae Lee, Jennifer C. Acuff Volume 43, Issue 3: Pages 215–222
  13. Risk Management Options to Reduce Human Salmonellosis Cases Due to Consumption of Raw Poultry

    A. R. Cohn, T. Gremillion, C. W. Hedberg, J. Kincheloe, M. Robach, M. J. Stasiewicz, M. Wiedmann Volume 43, Issue 3: Pages 232–239
  14. Evaluating Microbiological Method Equivalence – A Decision Guide

    J. David Legan, Laurie Post, Christina Barnes, Amanda Brookhouser-Sisney, W. Evan Chaney, Nisha Corrigan, Kristen A. Hunt, Ryan D. Maus, Sophie Pierre, Patricia Rule, Nikki Taylor, Julie Weller Volume 43, Issue 3: Pages 275–280
  15. Food Safety Knowledge and Practices among Household Food Handlers in Mangweni Village of Mpumalanga Province in South Africa

    Tirhani Asnath Masia, Phindile Constance Madonsela, Tjale Cloupas Mahopo, Cebisa Noxolo Nesamvuni Volume 43, Issue 3: Pages 223–231
  16. Food Allergy Knowledge and Attitudes of Owners and Managers of Independently Owned
    Restaurants in Metro Orlando, Florida

    Anirudh Naig, Nelson Placa Volume 43, Issue 3: Pages 204–214
  17. Perceptions of Risk, Control, and Responsibility Regarding Food Safety among Consumers in Lebanon

    Ellen W. Evans, Elizabeth C. Redmond, Nisreen H. Alwan Volume 43, Issue 2: Pages 112–125
  18. Assessing Physical Attributes Associated with Implementation of Risk Management Practices among Small Strawberry Farms

    Dilhani Nisansala Jayawardhana, Thomas A. Yeargin, Kristen E. Gibson, Angela M. Fraser Volume 43, Issue 2: Pages 144–160
  19. Fresh Produce Harvesting Equipment – A Review of Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices and Related Science

    Susan M. Leaman, Justin Kerr, Sonia Salas, Afreen Malik, Trevor V. Suslow, Martin Wiedmann, De Ann Davis Volume 43, Issue 2: Pages 126–143
  20. Minimally Processed Vegetables: Consumer Profile,  Consumption Habits, and Perceptions of Microbiological Risk

    Jéssica de Aragão Freire Ferreira Finger, Daniela Amaral Costa, Virgínia Farias Alves, Wilma Stella Giffoni Vieira Baroni, Patrícia da Silva Malheiros, Enrique Anastácio Alves, Daniele Fernanda Maffei, Uelinton Manoel Pinto Volume 43, Issue 2: Pages 167–178
  21. Evaluating Misinformation on YouTube about Washing Produce Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Geena Verma, Ian Young, Fatih Sekercioglu Volume 43, Issue 2: Pages 161–166
  22. A Case Study of Food Safety Training Delivery Methods in Dairy Processing Plants

    Kristen Saniga, Ben Chapman, Clinton D. Stevenson Volume 43, Issue 1: Pages 23–32
  23. On-Farm Produce Safety: A Review of Needs Assessments of Small- and Medium-Sized Growers in the United States

    Hannah H. Doyle, Christopher W. Callahan, Elizabeth J. Newbold Volume 43, Issue 1: Pages 8–22
  24. Survey of Implemented Mitigation Strategies and Further Needs of the U.S. Food Industry to Control
    COVID-19 in the Work Environment in Early 2021

    Sebastian Llanos-Soto, Ece Bulut, Sarah I. Murphy, Christopher J. Henry, Claire Zoellner, Martin Wiedmann, Diane Wetherington, Aaron Adalja, Samuel D. Alcaine, Renata Ivanek Volume 43, Issue 1: Pages 40–60
  25. Adenosine Triphosphate Bioluminescence is a Poor Indicator of Listeria spp. Presence in Distribution
    Centers Handling Fresh Produce

    Anna Townsend, Laura K. Strawn, Benjamin J. Chapman, Camila Rodrigues, Laurel L. Dunn Volume 43, Issue 1: Pages 33–39
  26. Assessing Food Safety Culture: A Comparative Study between Independent and Chain Mexican
    and Chinese Restaurants

    Basem A. Boutros, Kevin R. Roberts Volume 43, Issue 1: Pages 61–80
  27. Food Safety Issues in Dairy Production in Senegal: Challenges and Pragmatic Solutions for the Dairy Value Chain

    Woubit Abebe, Rawah Faraj, Cheikh Ndiaye, Younoussa Diallo, Harshavardhan Thippareddi, Manpreet Singh Volume 43, Issue 1: Pages 94–101

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