• Making the Most of The Time You Have: Communicating Technical Food Safety Science in a Short Amount of Time

    This webinar will cover how to communicate food safety science to a general audience in a short amount of time. Every scientist has to present complex concepts to a general audience, and understanding how to communicate these concepts clearly and concisely to the general public, a non-scientist co-worker, or even a supervisor is an invaluable skill. This skill is important especially in food safety where scientific discoveries can influence public policy, industry practices, and consumer food safety behaviors. Oral presentations and visuals can be effectively used to facilitate this communication. This webinar seeks to provide useful techniques and insights on how to use both forms of communication effectively to a non-technical audience.

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    Professional Development Groups

    • Student Professional Development Group


    • Katie Overbey, Moderator Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA
    • Benjamin Chapman, Speaker North Carolina State University, North Carolina, USA
    • Laura Strawn, Speaker Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA
    • Elizabeth Bradshaw, Speaker NC Department of Health, North Carolina, USA
    • Danielle Hennis, Speaker Make It Memorable, North Carolina, USA