Risk Profile for Strawberries

S. Notermans, J. S. Van Zandvoort-Roelofsen, J. Beczner, A. W. Barendsz Biblographic citation: Food Protection Trends, vol. 24, no. 10, pp. 730-739, Oct 2004 Volume 24, Issue 10: Pages 730–739

This document describes a risk profile for strawberries intended for fresh consumption. Attention is paid to the current production methods for strawberries, consumption-related issues, including positive and negative health effects, and contamination with microorganisms and pesticide residues. In addition, pre-harvest and harvesting requirements are described, as well as post-harvest measures, including decontamination and suitbale storage conditions. Finally, there is a brief overview of existing regulations. The study reveals that strawberries intended for fresh consumption have a relatively good safety record. To keep this status and maintain consumer confidence, it is recommended that codes of good agricultural practices be used, for which land and water use, application of organic and inorganic fertilizers, animal exlusion and pest control are described, together with recommended harvesting and cooling practices and measures for unsuring worker health and safety.

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